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Iron crankcase, center bar with brass master mark in gothic […]

Flintlock Pistol

Octagonal, curly band damascus barrel with Liège proof. Micro-rifling, blank. […]

Bajonett M98/43 FR 8

Keilklinge mit Herstellerstempel und Adler. Schwarzer Metallgriff. Olivfarbene Scheide mit […]

Bayonett P 1907

Wide flooded wedge blade, root stamped with crown and GR […]


Flooded blade with maker’s mark, checkered grip, regimental designation I.18 […]

Percussion Pistol

Browned, octagonal rifled barrel in silver signed P.Ebert u. Son […]


February newsletter

23. January 2018

Our February newsletter is in preparation and will be sent in the last week of January. There you will find many unique pieces, such as an apted French gendarmerie pistol of the royal guard of the reign of Louis XVIII, which was built after the defeat of Napoleon in 1814 only a short time. If […]

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